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Types of Hamedan Rugs

Persian Rug Runner

Traditional Persian Hamedan rug runner with a red field and ivory border. Shop Now >

A name that almost everyone is familiar with in the world of Oriental rugs is Hamedan. Hamedan rugs are a type of Persian rug. They are made in the Hamedan province in what is now called Iran. It is one of the largest weaving areas in the region and the province encompasses hundreds of villages which contributed to it becoming one of the greatest rug markets in Persia. The city of Hamedan is the capital of the Hamedan province.

Hamedan rugs usually have a cotton foundation, a wool pile and are woven with Turkish knots. Older Hamedan rugs may have a wool foundation. Designs include single medallions, multiple medallions, floral motifs and geometric motifs. The design often depends on the village or location where the rug was woven. For example, Bibikabad rugs usually have a small center medallion surrounded by an all-over design while Dergazine rugs almost always have an all-over pattern with floral sprays mimicking Sarouk rugs.

Large Persian Rug

Persian Bibikabad Rug. Bibikabads come in large carpet sizes such as 8×10 and larger. Shop Now >


Pink Persian Oriental Rug

Persian Dergazine rug runner with all-over floral pattern. These rugs are similar in style to Sarouk rugs.

With so many different villages and weavers working in the Hamedan province, Hamedan rugs often have the most varied designs of all Oriental rug styles.  Although there are many types of Hamedan rugs, some of the most popular types include Bibikabad, Borchelou, Dergazine, Ingeles, Hussainabad, Kabudrahang, Lilihan, Malayer, Maslaghan, Nahavand, Rudbar, and Tajabad among others. Often times inexperienced rug sellers or even rug dealers may refer to these specific types generally as Hamedans as it can become confusing to use city or village names.

Red Persian rug

A red Persian Hussainabad rug with an all-over Herati pattern. Shop Now >

Hamedan rugs often come in smaller and runner sizes. The sub-types of Hamedans can often be found in more specific sizes. For example, a room-sized Bibikabad or Kabudrahang is very common, while they are not easily found in smaller sizes. A Dergazine may be found in a 4×6 or smaller size, or a runner, but a large room-sized carpet is highly unlikely to be described as a Dergazine.

Red Persian Rug

Large Red Persian Kapoutrang rug. Kapoutrangs often come in large room-sizes such as 8×10 and larger. Shop Now >

The characteristics that can be used to define a rug from the Hamedan region include the weave which is composed of a single weft thread, the knot-type, and the colors. Red, Ivory and Blue are the most commonly used colors in the Hamedan province. As seen in the examples above, each rug has some shade of red, ivory and blue in it. If the rug does not have red, ivory or blue it does not mean it is not a Hamedan, each characteristic of the rug must be looked at to classify the Oriental rug in question.

Do you have any Hamedan rugs in your home?

Red, Pink and White Rugs

Valentine’s Day is coming! Here are some of our Oriental rugs with Valentine’s Day color schemes:

First is this beautiful Ivory Persian Kirman rug. Traditional delicate and intricate floral sprays and soft red and pink highlights add a feminine touch to this vintage Oriental rug. Many floral patterns in Kirman rugs were derived from patterns found in shawls.

Persian Kirman Rug

Persian Kirman rug c. 1950 Shop Now >

Persian Kirman Rug weave

Weave of the Persian Kirman Rug


Next is this deep red Dergazine rug. The design features an ivory center medallion accented sharply with blue surrounded by pink flowers.

Red Persian Rug

Red Persian Dergazine rug Shop Now >


This traditional Persian Serabend was woven with soft and luxurious wool. The design features a cream-colored field filled with an all-over pattern of botehs or pear motifs. Repeating botehs is the most common design of Serabend rugs.

Serabend Persian Rug

Serabend Persian Rug

Persian rug

Soft and thick wool on a Persian Serabend Shop Now > wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Unique Oriental Rug Motifs and Designs

Old man winter just won’t give up this year! We keep getting buried in Massachusetts, and it seems more snow is in the forecast next week. While I am stuck indoors I thought it would be fun to go through some of the most unique motifs and designs in Oriental rugs I have come across in the past year.


#1 Afghan Rug


Afghan Oriental Rug

Female figure in an Afghan Oriental Rug

This is a woman figure with a hookah. There were numerous animals such as chickens and dogs in this unique Afghan rug as well. As you can see, there is a black rooster next to her head. Often when people are depicted in Oriental rugs, it is meant to represent the weavers themselves, or perhaps the individual they are weaving the rug for.


Red Oriental Rug

Afghan Oriental Rug

#2 Afghan Kuba Soumack

Afghan oriental rug

Pink animal figure in an Afghan Soumack rug

Here we have what looks like a  pink lion, but motifs are always open to different interpretations. This rug has a soft color scheme and a wild design. You can view more photos of this rug at

This is another Afghan rug, which means it was made in Afghanistan. The design is a copy of the traditional Kuba Soumack style which we will see more of below.  Here is a picture of the full rug. Notice all of the different animals surrounding the central motif which may be a tree or some other type of plant.


Afghan Oriental Rug

Afghan Kuba Soumack rug

#3 Caucasian Kuba Soumack


Caucasian Oriental rug

Cat figure close-up

Here is a happy cat! This rug is similar to the rug in number 2, however it is a real Caucasian Kuba Soumack.

This rug was literally FULL of interesting animal and people figures.

Here is a glimpse of the full rug, but it really does not do it justice.

Caucasian Oriental Rug

Caucasian Soumack Rug


#4 Caucasian Karabagh

Caucasian Oriental Rug

Peacock in a Caucasian Karabagh rug

This bright Oriental rug features three geometric medallions surrounded by large bird and peacock figures and a crab-motif border. The colors are bright, and almost neon in nature so this rug may not be for everyone.

Caucasian Oriental Rug

Caucasian Karabagh rug

#5 Mongolian Rug

Blue Oriental Rug

Mongolian Rug

Last, but definitely not least is this Mongolian rug. This design features large human figures praying, with beads, clouds, trees, and plants in vases.


Blue Oriental Rug

Mongolian Rug Close-Up

I hope you enjoyed my list and if you are in the market for one of a kind discount Oriental rugs like these, check out

Do your rugs have any interesting designs? Share them below!