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How It All Began…

Mike and I first met in January 2010 at Framingham State University during our sophomore year. We were both majoring  in Chemistry and began studying together. After two long years of all-nighters, take-out, and laboratory preparations we graduated in 2012. Mike started working in Framingham and I started working in Walpole. The time apart and our mundane jobs really started to bring us down. We racked our brains to find an alternative, to find some way we could work together doing something we were passionate about.  This is where comes in.

Holding an antique Caucasian prayer rug

Mike holding an antique Caucasian prayer rug

Mike’s father has been in the rug business for 40 years, operating in Natick, Massachusetts. With his wealth of knowledge of Oriental rugs, we started to learn the trade and began to sell our fine rugs online. After being exposed to some of the stereotypical rug dealers who are out to empty your pockets, we knew we wanted to make something different and better for our customers.

antique persian rug

Jess next to an antique Persian rug

We are constantly adding new content about caring for your Oriental rugs at home and updating our guides on different types of Oriental rugs to better educate our customers. Even if you don’t end up buying your rug from us, we hope you are able to use our site to prepare yourself to buy an Oriental rug with confidence.

At our online store we have a variety of hand knotted discount Oriental rugs including Persian rugs, Caucasian rugs, and more. We encourage all of our customers to make an offer on any of our rugs if the price is out of their budget. We always consider reasonable offers.

If you have a question about the value or origin of a rug you own, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at: